Fast forward the way you work

Why Choose BusinessHR?

Save the hassle on layers of payroll process every month.

Access, Anytime, Anywhere

On-the-go updates, claim status and leave balances instantly updated and available to employees and managers.

Cloud-Based Security

Never lose an employee record nor payroll again. All sensitive human resource data is securely stored, for as long as your business requires.

Easy To Use

Intuitive Interface for all staff and management level reports on number of work days and salary slip history from the first day of employ.

Built-In Compliance

Itemised ePayroll with built in auto-calculators for pro-rated salaries, EPF, Socso, PCB and EIS contributions, commission-based and allowance remuneration.

Seamless & Digital

Submissions and approvals for leave application and expense are all done on platform. No more searching for emails, documents and manual records.

Management Reports

Easily view staff leave records and expense claims by employee and/or department. Make decisions faster with instant information at your fingertips.

Flexible Pricing

Find a plan that tailor to your company size and needs.